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Chris Chua is a Microsoft Excel expert passionate in helping individuals like you increase productivity.

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I offer online classes and live workshops to get you from Excel zero to Excel mastery.


I'd love to speak about useful Excel tips at your company's event or seminar.


Send in any Excel questions you have and we'll discuss the "how-to" in the blog.

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SUM: The Leader of Excel Functions

The SUM function is the only one that has its own keyboard shortcut and one of the few functions that earns a spot on the Excel ribbon. Here’s some best practices when using the SUM function.

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51 Excel Functions That Will Change Your Life in 2019

An Excel function is a preset formula that takes inputs, calculations, and return an output value. When inputs change, Excel formulas automatically re-calculate, saving you time and reduce human error.

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VLOOKUP is a powerful function in Microsoft Excel, but it sounds complicated as well. In this 5-minute Excel guide, you will learn how to actually use VLOOKUP.

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I started learning Microsoft Excel since 2010 when I realize how important Excel is in the real working world.

Almost every job demands for Excel know-how, but few spend time to learn how to use this program better. Excel becomes the fearful monster that eats up our time at work. 

In 2016, encouraged by my friends and colleagues, I started to share what I’ve learnt on my journey. DefeatExcel aims to spread Excel literacy and empowers everyone to use Excel efficiently.

Chris Chua


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